What is Whela

"How are you?" can be a frustring question to someone suffering from anxiety, depression, or chronic pain.

Whela is a mobile app that allows users to track how they are feeling, each day, in 30 seconds or less, and then helps them share that information with friends and doctors, or just see for themselves how they are really doing.

What’s Special

Just Two Questions

Each day tell Whela the best and the worst you felt on a simple 5 point scale.

Optional Notes

If you want, you can add tags and notes to help you remember what was going on that day.

Share With Friends & Doctors

When you're ready, securely and privately share how you are doing with people you trust..

Advanced Reports

View charts showing increases or decreases in good days and bad days.

Screenshot Gallery

Download in App Stores

Whela is currently in a private beta. It'll be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play soon.